What to Eat in Singapore


Cherki, a fusion Peranakan restaurant bar, stands proudly as a culinary trailblazer in the vibrant Singaporean restaurant scene. Offering a unique and memorable dining experience, Cherki delights patrons with its innovative fusion of Peranakan flavours and its mastery of speciality craft cocktails.

Step into Cherki’s captivating space and prepare to embark on a gastronomic adventure like no other. The menu showcases a harmonious blend of traditional Peranakan recipes infused with modern culinary techniques, resulting in dishes that are both familiar and delightfully surprising.

But it doesn’t end with the food. Cherki’s speciality cocktails take centre stage, expertly crafted to complement, and enhance the flavours of the fusion Peranakan cuisine. From creatively reimagined classics to unique concoctions inspired by Singaporean flavours, each sip is a sensory journey that perfectly encapsulates Cherki’s commitment to pushing culinary boundaries. 

Cherki’s bold and innovative approach to both its culinary offerings and speciality cocktails sets it apart from the crowd. Immerse yourself in the unparalleled fusion of flavours, indulge in the captivating dining atmosphere, and experience the true essence of Cherki—a playful oasis of uniqueness in Singapore’s bustling restaurant scene.