Lunch Spots in the CBD

Cherki: A Hidden Gem for
Flavourful Lunch Delights in the CBD

Looking for a delightful lunch spot that combines convenience and a culinary journey? Look no further than Cherki, a fusion Peranakan restaurant in the heart of Singapore’s CBD. Cherki offers a lunch experience like no other, with its specially curated lunch sets, showcasing the vibrant flavours of Peranakan cuisine.

Step into Cherki’s contemporary ambiance and prepare to be amazed by their lunch offerings. From savoury and aromatic dishes like the Buah Keluak Chicken Rice to delectable Rendang Beef Linguine, each lunch set is thoughtfully crafted to provide a satisfying and flavourful meal. With an emphasis on preserving traditional Peranakan flavours, Cherki delivers a modern twist that is sure to gratify. 

Cherki’s strategic location makes it an ideal lunch spot for busy professionals and discerning food enthusiasts alike. Take a break from your hectic day and immerse yourself in the culinary world of Peranakan delights. Indulge in Cherki’s lunch sets, where a fusion of flavours awaits, providing a memorable and satisfying midday experience. Elevate your lunchtime routine and discover the hidden gem that is Cherki in Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre.