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A Captivating Fusion Peranakan Experience
Among Singapore's Most Intriguing Restaurants

Experience the extraordinary at Cherki, a fusion Peranakan restaurant and craft cocktail bar in Singapore. This unique establishment blends traditional Peranakan flavours with innovative mixology to create a culinary adventure like no other. 

Cherki’s menu showcases a harmonious fusion of Straits Chinese heritage and modern techniques, offering tantalizing dishes such as Rendang Beef Cheeks and Foie Gras Duck Confit Fried Rice. The skilled chefs expertly infuse various cooking techniques, resulting in exciting and innovative creations

But Cherki doesn’t stop there—their craft cocktail bar takes mixology to new heights. Local flavours and inspirations are skilfully incorporated into each concoction, creating a diverse and adventurous drink menu. The seamless integration of the restaurant and bar creates a remarkable dining experience, where you can indulge in a sumptuous Peranakan feast while sipping on thoughtfully crafted cocktails

Cherki is a must-visit destination for both food lovers and cocktail enthusiasts, offering an unforgettable and enchanting journey for your senses. Discover the magic of Cherki and embark on a truly unique dining adventure today.