The menu we’ve designed here at Cherki is elementally Peranakan at the core, mirroring the same herbs and spices you’ll find in the mortar and pestle of days past, served to you in a contemporary style

Nyonya cuisine is the result of blending Chinese, Malay, and Indonesian ingredients and cooking techniques together. The result is cooking that places strong emphasis on key ingredients such as coconut milk, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass and torch ginger buds. Dishes also traditionally involve a lot of spice while cooking, and are also usually served with a spice chilli paste known as “sambal”.

Cherki is cheekily experimental in the culinary aspect. Introducing modern techniques and yet more ingredients into the already complex Peranakan stew, Cherki brings forth a theatrical display of East meet West flavours in the most unimaginable way – all in a bid to tickle your taste buds with a fresh sense of nostalgia.


Made for Sharing


Our menu is meant to be shared…and to create a family style dining experience. This is akin to the traditional “Tok Panjang” style of Peranakan dining, where the entire family sits together to share a wide variety of dishes over hearty conversations.


Individuals and groups can rejoice at our menu’s variety of dishes catered for the person and for sharing. Items such as our “Spiced Pineapple-glazed Roasted Pork Trotters” will leave guests vying for the last piece of scrumptious goodness. With a whole slew of dishes across three major categories – Small Bites, Sharing Plates, and Mains, there’s something for everyone and dishes for any occasion.

In a manner reminiscent of large family dinners. Each item is meticulously prepared to honour tradition and simplicity, yet express creativity and flavour. You’re in for a treat, and we’re excited to have you here with us at Cherki