About Our Modern
Peranakan Restaurant

Welcome to Cherki, your gateway to modern Peranakan inspired cusine and craft cocktails. Located at the heart of town along the CBD, Cherki is housed in the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre.



Born in the era of the COVID 19 pandemic, Cherki emerges as a casual gastropub that allows our customers to unwind and destress with delectable food and creative cocktails. A boutique restaurant bar serving up modern Peranakan food and craft cocktails that are perfect for the modern eater. We use locally sourced ingredients, allowing our bartenders to create uniquely Singaporean drinks. We also have a number of rotating drinks menus. Whether you’re an office worker looking for a place to relax and enjoy, a foodie looking for the best Peranakan food and cocktails in town, or a tourist looking to munch on an afternoon dip, our bar is the place to go.

Our philosophy and values are simple: we want you to be happy, we want you to feel good,  to leave with a smile, and we want you to leave with a friend. We are excited to present good food made with premium ingredients and innovative craft cocktails. We want to create new and exciting experiences for you and your friends and family. We want to serve delicious food and drink great cocktails. We want to listen to your requests and create great experiences.

The Brand

Story Behind

Our name, Cherki, is the name of an old Peranakan card game which was a favorite of many a Nyona in the past. It was said that it got so addictive that they had to pawn or sell their jewelry just to try their luck at this game! Our name pays homage to the unique Peranakan culture and at the same time, we hope that our customers will have as much fun here as the Nyonas did playing the game in the past.

The tiling and style of the logo was created as a homage to the Peranakan heritage and their unique tiles. Much like how each spice in our modern-Peranakan food and cocktails has different flavors, each pattern in each tile is different, only when they come together in a unique symphony then the Peranakan flavor is born,

True to our name, Cherki, the logo comprises of all 3 suites of the traditional Pernakan Cherki game and one of the special cards the Red Flower. The “Coins”, “Strings” and “Myriads” are the three main suites, similar to that of Mahjong, with the “Circles” “Bamboo” and “Thousands”.

The Team

People Behind

Chua Ji Kang

As the youngest member of our team, JK brings to the table a different perspective, one of the new generation that we want to expose the Peranakan culture to. Don’t be fooled by his youthful demeanor, JK is experienced behind the bar and even coffee machines. From shaking cocktails to latte art, our beverage specialist is not to be missed!