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Cherki | Modern Take on Peranakan Cuisine

24 June 2022


Located at Level 1 of the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC), Cherki is one of the main restaurants serving the building! What better way than to have a restaurant with a modern take on straits cuisine.


With floor to ceiling glass panels, the space is brightly lighted by day and buzzing by night with hearty conversations over food & drinks! The interior has accents of wood over emerald green walls which exudes lush vibes.


When it comes to Peranakan food, most people would opt for the traditional places to dine at, because all these dishes require a fair level of skill to perfect.

With their modern take on this cuisine, Cherki has broken down the ingredients & incorporated it into dishes that we know on a day to day basis, with some having a European influence.

From Beef Rendang Fries to Braised Mushroom Beef Linguine with Buah Keluak rub, these little accents of Peranakan cuisine is speckled through each dish. 

On the side, have a go at their locally inspired cocktails which pack a punch & are also aesthetically gorgeous!


We were using a promotion of 1 for 1 for most of the mains, so there’s definitely value there! However, for the prices before, as with Peranakan food, the prices are usually slightly higher due to the nature of the ingredients & the effort it takes to prepare them.