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🍹I Found Some of The Best Cocktails at Cherki

15 August 2022

To start, we had the Homemade Crab Cakes ($19). I’ll be honest and admit I’m not the biggest fan of crab (I know, what a crime!) but fry them into crisp and golden gems like these? I simply cannot resist. We also had the Laksa Lobster Linguine ($30). Pasta, laksa, and lobster? I’d like to submit an appeal to rename the dish to “Labsta”!

The highlight of my night was the craft cocktail range. Drinks go at just $18 during Happy Hour (5pm-8pm) so don’t say I didn’t jio!

As the basic ladies drink lover I am, the Potpourri ($23) is by far the best gin-based drink I’ve had ever. The mix of peach blossom gin, grapefruit, St. Germain elderflower, rose apple, and rhubarb jam, pamplemousse rose, and citrus simply sealed the deal for me.

Reminiscent of the laborious process involved in Peranakan meal preparations, Sop Story ($25) was served in a bamboo-netted basket, with deconstructed elements. After mixing it up for a good 30 seconds, the last step is to add the soursop puree into the now slushie-consistency dessert. Altogether, this tangy edible dessert was refreshing and revitalising with that hit of gin.

Trust the  team at Cherki to live up to their mission statement of pushing boundaries, while honouring tradition and simplicity, yet bringing creativity and flavour to the table. A huge shoutout to the wonderful staff at Cherki who were al rich in knowledge when it came to food and drink recommendations and descriptions.

📍Cherki, 1 Straits Boulevard, SG