About Cherki


Welcome to Cherki, your gateway to modern Peranakan inspired cuisine and craft cocktails. Located at the heart of town along the CBD, Cherki is housed at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre.

Embarking on a gastronomic adventure, Cherki infuses South Asian ingredients which are predominantly found in Peranakan cuisine into Western dishes, bringing forth modernity with a touch of tradition.

The brand “Cherki” is named after the forgotten Peranakan card game, which was once commonplace among many Peranakan households as a form of leisure and for relaxation. Similarly, we welcome you to Cherki for the same reason. To sit back, relax, and enjoy life’s simplest pleasures.


Share the Love


Our menu is meant to be shared…and to create a family style dining experience. This is akin to the traditional “Tok Panjang” style of Peranakan dining, where the entire family sits together to share a wide variety of dishes over hearty conversations.

In an effort to bring greater awareness to Peranakan cuisine, the menu we’ve designed here at Cherki is elementally Peranakan at the core, mirroring the same herbs and spices you’ll find in the mortar and pestle of days past, served to you in a contemporary style

Take the opportunity to try our slew of menu items, which is made especially for sharing, and in a manner reminiscent of large family dinners. Each item meticulously prepared to honour tradition and simplicity, yet brimming with creativity and flavour. We’re pushing the boundaries, and are excited to have you with us at Cherki.

The Bar

A Spiritual Journey


Cocktails so unique you’ll find them almost nowhere… each imbued with stories of Peranakan heritage and culture… and each painstakingly crafted with dedication and love. Celebrate a special occasion, or unwind after a long day. You deserve it.

Cherki runs a full-fledged bar that is robust and backed by many years of Singaporean bartending experience. We believe beverages are an important part of the dining experience, so we put in a lot of time and effort in conceptualising and creating this cocktail menu.

The cocktails developed, are meant to provide a multi-sensory experience – from how they look, to how they are presented to you, and most importantly, how they taste. We want to tell a story with our drinks, to deliver nuggets of our heritage that is slowly diminishing. Besides cocktails, Cherki also boasts an impressive range of other beverages including spirits, wine, beer, espresso and tea.


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